Beacon Hill Telescopes 

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All mirrors are made from low expansion glass and can be supplied with HYLUX coatings.  These can be supplied from 150mm diameter to 600mm diameter in a range of focal lengths and from PV accuracy to 1/10 PV accuracy.  Please contact us for latest prices. 

Elliptical secondary mirrors are available from 25mm minor axis to 120mm minor axis.


Mirrors up to 10" diameter are supported on a 3-point flotation system in our very strong dural cells which fit over the end of the telescope tube so adding enormously to its rigidity. Larger mirrors are supported on either a 9 point or 18 point flotation system. Fully adjustable side and front supports enable the mirror to be held firmly but not pinched in its cell. Wing nuts operating against strong springs make collimation a very simple procedure.


The very simplest telescopes in our range have single pole flat supports which allow for all necessary collimation adjustments. Larger models have our own unique 4 vane spider system. Thin steel vanes are held under tension via 8 brass adjusting bolts which, when tightened, make for an extremely rigid support. The central part of the spider is adjustable both up and down the tube length, through 360 rotation and by the movement of 3 nuts against a central spring. Collimation is a simple procedure.

        Rack & Pinion Focusers

Available for 1.25” or 2” eyepieces.  Low profile and Crayford focusers also available.


         Telescope Tubes

Telescopes up to about 12" aperture are supplied with rolled and welded aluminium tubes as standard.   These are painted matt black internally and can be powder coated externally if required. An access door for the primary is also supplied as standard.

When complete with the mirror cell, the external top ring which supports the secondary mount are fitted into the mounting cradles, the tube assemblies are very strong indeed.   It is recommended that larger telescopes are supplied with skeleton tubes.   The advantages of these are numerous.  No tube currents are experienced, the attachment of accessories is simplified, the primary can be fitted with an air tight cover, the assembly is lighter than an equivalent solid tube and the skeleton tube can be rotated in its cradles as one would a solid tube.

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Stray light can be a problem for observers without an observatory or a particularly dark site, but the fitting of appropriate light baffles is not really a problem.  The tubes are made from light aluminium section welded to strong hoops and the finished tube is extremely strong and rigid, we can also supply rolled and stove enamelled aluminium solid tubes if required

  Surrier truss type tubes are also available.

A variety of finders can be supplied, please call for details.