Beacon Hill Telescopes 

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These kits offer two disks of Chance Pilkington float glass with fine ground edges.  The best quality grinding, smoothing and polishing powders, together with special optical polishing pitch complete the kit. The are available in 6, 8.5 and 10" kits.


We can supply either edged or rough cut glass disks in 1" thick plate, or low expansion disks off the shelf up to 12" diameter. Larger diameter plate, or low expansion disks can be supplied.


We can offer a full range of grits for those of you with their own glass blanks. Pitch and polishing powder is also available.


We can supply a variety of these in low expansion glass, figured from one-quarter wave to one-tenth wave from one of the countries top optical workers. It is advisable to discuss your own particular needs with us before ordering any mirror. Many sizes are available ex stock.


We will undertake to re-coat your old mirror and flat to our usual high standard.   This involves cleaning off the old coating, re-aluminizing and then over coating with silica for additional protection.  Send your optics to us but pack carefully and use the Post Office 'Compensation Fee Parcel' service.

N.B.  Optics are not insured against damage in the U.K.

We are often approached by customers involved in other disciplines not necessarily astronomical and will always try to help if we can.

Please contact us with your own special needs - we will always do our best to assist.