Beacon Hill Telescopes 

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  • Worm and Wheel Sets

To follow the movement of a celestial body with any degree of accuracy a worm and wheel set is essential. Ours are made from machining quality aluminium alloy and have accurately cut teeth precisely concentric to the bore of the wheel.  The central boss is fitted with a nylon pressure pad which enables you to slew the telescope to a new position in the sky without disconnecting the motor drive. The matching stainless steel worms are held in sealed roller bearings in substantial brackets and are fully adjustable to eliminate any developing end float. They can be hand operated or supplied with a small synchronous motor powered from the mains or through a 12V converter unit.  They are the most accurate worm and wheel sets available to astronomers in this country.

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  • Motor Drives

By fitting one of our mains synchronous motors to the worm shaft, an object can be kept in field of view for a prolonged period of time. Theses British made motors with their integral gearboxes are supplied for use with any of our worm and wheels sets. A simple clutch mechanism enables the slow motion rod to move the telescope without the need for disengagement.  Stepper motor drives are also available, giving a higher degree of accuracy and greater versatility of control.


Our pedestal bases can be supplied to any height for use with reflectors or refractors. They are made from 4.5" diameter steel pipe and are fitted with adjustable ball and cup feet for levelling. They make a very solid base for any telescope. They are generally cut off at 20" for reflectors. They are supplied painted as standard.