Beacon Hill Telescopes 

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We provide this unit for the powered control of telescope mountings.  Providing 240V AC at variable frequency adjusted by the trim control between 47Hz and 53Hz.  The trim control is fitted with a slow motion vernier dial for precise reference adjustment.  A slow scan and fast scan push button provide -12% and +12% variation in tracking rate respectively.

Two additional push buttons provide control of North and South Declination respectively on the dual axis model.  This output will drive a reversible synchronous motor.

The unit may be powered directly from the mains, or from a 12V battery supply (car battery or similar).  The dual axis unit will provide sufficient drive to power both RA and DEC motors simultaneously from a battery supply.

The unit is housed in a black ABS case and all connections to and from the units are via one multi way plug and ribbon cable.  This means that the unit may be readily unplugged from the telescope without disturbing the wiring for use on another installation or simply for safe keeping.  The units are supplied with multi way ribbon cable for mains and motor connection and cable for battery connection.


The electronic package used on our driven camera mounts described earlier will provide an output of 240V AC to drive a synchronous motor from a 12V DC supply.  The output frequency of the generated AC voltage is adjustable over a range of 47 - 53Hz by means of a screwdriver in the end of the unit thereby varying the speed of the motor.  It is set by ourselves at exactly 50Hz so any adjustment should be minimal.  The unit may be purchased separately for other applications.


We are agents for the excellent Helios range of binoculars from 6x40 to 20x100.  The range also includes a variety of hand held telescopes ideal for the bird watcher or casual astronomer.  Please send a SAE for full colour brochure and prices.


We can offer from stock a whole range of aluminium offcuts etc, tubing in metal or PVC, Teflon offcuts, Formica offcuts etc etc.  In fact if you have a problem with the construction of your telescope or mounting why not give us a ring and discuss it?  Usually we can help.

We will manufacture any form of component you require, we have full workshop facilities for aluminium or steel fabrication, welding and sheet metal work and our electronic department is particularly well equipped.