Beacon Hill Telescopes 

We hope that you have found our catalogue of value.   Do not be put off by our low prices, we are very competitive as we actually manufacture 95% of the items here in our own workshops, therefore cutting out the middle man.   Everything we sell is guaranteed and our reputation will ensure that you leave here satisfied as yet another of our growing ranks of happy customers.

Thank you

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Please be advised that due to high demand we can only answer telephone queries between 9AM and 5PM Monday to Friday

Tel: ++44 (0)1507 363 381

The printed version of our price list can be obtained by applying to:

Beacon Hill Telescopes
Hope Cottage
Birketts Lane
Covenham St Bartholomew
LN11 0FF

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OR for a free and up to date price list please go here Beacon Hill Telescopes Price List

We WILL NOT process ROUTINE e-mails due to high demand but IF your query is URGENT please contact us by clicking on the link below